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George Malamidis is a well known photographer currently living in Greece. He studied Mathematics at the University of Ioannina and continued with a post graduate degree in Business Administration. He always remembers himself keen on photography. What began as a hobby eventually evolved into a way of live and a career.

Visual Excellence

He began his professional career as a travel photographer, capturing the magical images of his homeland, Thesprotia. It was then that he decided to design a tourist guide of his region. In a few short months it became the number one tourist guide according to Google. The fact that almost every attraction (beaches, archaeological sites, castles,…) is depicted in 360 virtual tours (ground and aerial), combined with beautiful landscape images was all that was needed for him to gain recognition in his region. It was at this time when he launched a career in the hotel – resorts and architectural photography. In which he specializes and delivers professional results with his unique style.

100% Trusted Services

George has worked with great success with hotels/resorts, luxury villas, archaeology department, restaurants, cafés, municipalities, tourist operators, magazines, portals, companies, architects, designers. He has provided excellent services to clients in Greece, Malta, Austria, Porto Santo, Albania and other countries.

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