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As a client, imaging and correctly visualizing your property or project, is by far the most important aspect of successful promotion.

Moreover, you wish to reflect in the images the “brand” and “style” of your product.

“George is a highly skilled and very passionate photographer who taps into the customer’s needs and delivers the desired result 100%”

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We Create a
Unique Look

Show off the “atmosphere” that your exteriors | interiors reflect and inspire you guests
We make it simple and want to tell your Story, by taking advantage of lighting and the characteristics of each interior or exterior.
We succeed in communicating the welcoming mood for your clients on different occasions.


One of the most crucial aspects of hotel photography is styling.

We have years of expertise in this. The idea is mostly to tell a story.

Photo stagging and decoration is implemented with great attention to the smallest detail. Knowledgable and experienced assistant cooperates with me during the photoshoot.


The Design and Architecture of a hotel’s room reflects its uniqueness.

By correctly showing off the different aspects, we aim at the needs of your guests.

That is why we carefully plan every little step before, during and after the photo-shoot.


It is all about lighting in the end, ambient or artificial.

It is the static force that grabs your client’s eye.

We take advantage of and carefully manipulate light even in the most difficult conditions.

Work with a Specialized
Architectural Photographer

You can relax knowing you’re cooperating with a trusted photography specialist! George has excellent reviews on all of his projects. Let your Hotel | Resort | Villa be our next successful project.